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Basic Forex Trading

Basic knowledge of foreign exchange trading

Forex เบื้องต้น พื้นฐาน Forex การเทรดค่าเงิน_ มีวิธีดูอย่างไร
Fundamentals of stock trading from reading charts*
We read the chart to find the direction of the stock price from the candlestick. In order to be used as an open order, take profit or stop loss, each candlestick reflects the volume of demand. and market demand
How to make money from stock trading?
Before we go into stock trading, the most important thing that admin personally thinks that one must have first is Mind Set. A good mind set will help all traders make more profit, less loss, as well as a relaxed state of mind. more than before


Fundamentals of  Forex, Forex Trading, How to Make Money
Lesson 1 Trend Line

Trend Lines can tell the trend direction of the pair’s price. And it helps to see the price reversal points. Each time frame has a different way of looking at it.

Trend lines can help you to find stop loss if you see reversal signal from the trend line

trend line คือ
Trend Line How is it considered?
TREND LINE Drawing a trendline has no fixed rules. The first thing that should be understood is that drawing a trendline has no fixed rules (Rules), so “drawing a trendline so there is no right way And there is no wrong way.” Each person has the right to draw a trend line, however, to support their own trading perspective. Thus, on the same chart, we may see each trader draw a trendline. not the same But in drawing the trendline Each time, each trader has a different reason for drawing the trendline, depending on the trading method. of that trader that it is appropriate to draw a trend line in order to be used as one of the factors in helping to analyze the price direction
Fundamentals of  Forex, Forex Trading, How to Make Money
Lesson 2 Support & Resistance

Support and resistance lines help investors to analyze buying and selling points to take profits, helping to see the price range. or price frame,

used to analyze with other indicators or indicators To find a time to invest or sell stocks to make a profit

Support & Resistance
Support is the price level of a stock that has high demand. Support or support refers to the lowest possible price and is expected to be the price that many people want to buy. causing the trend of the price from falling will rise higher Resistance is the price level at which a stock is priced to sell. On the other hand, resistance is the highest possible price the stock price can reach. Which investors believe that the price chart of this stock will not be higher than this. which if the share price goes up to this resistance There is a tendency for stocks to reverse from an uptrend to a downtrend.
Fundamentals of  Forex, Forex Trading, How to Make Money
Lesson 3 Money Management and Position Sizing

Money management  is the systematic management of trading capital to maintain capital and survive in the market.

Money management คือ
 Money Management and Position Sizing
Position Sizing will reduce investment risks. investment portfolio growth able to grow stably By setting the risk evenly, all orders are protected from large losses, if losses can be returned to the same amount of profit. or can increase Without much difficulty, you can trade in the long term, without losses, even clearing the portfolio.

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