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Register Exness (Broker Forex) Update in detail !!! 2022

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Register Exness (Broker Forex) Update in detail !!! 2022

This is a review to help traders decide which Exness account to open. Investment is as low as $10. Unlimited leverage. Deposit with Thai banks. Fast. Guaranteed faster than other Forex brokers. Unlimited withdrawals.

Exness is a popular Forex Broker that Thai people apply to open a trading account.

Famous and guaranteed acceptance from around the world. won many awards

Register Exness Open Exness website page to open an Exness account by clicking on open account. > (Open account)

Read more Review > Exness broker review trade with Exness good what is pro and cons

Exness Account type

Exness account types There are two main types of trading accounts: Standard account and Professional account, both MT4 and MT5 are supported on PC and Mobile, all operating systems iOS Android.

Standard Exness account type

For MT4

    • Standard Account 
    • Standard Cent Account
    • Standard Plus Account 

For MT5

    • Standard Account
    • Standard Plus Account
    • Professional Account

Exness Professional Account Type

For MT4

    • Raw Spread Account
    • Zero Account
    • Pro Account

For  MT5

    • Raw Spread Account
    • Zero Account
    • Pro Account
Register Exness (Broker Forex) Update in detail !!! 2022

Sign up for Exness Personal Area in detail

Step 1 Start opening a trading account
Start opening a Forex Exness trading account, go to the website. by filling in the fields on the right with a black frame on the home page of the website
    • Select a country / region
    • Enter a valid email address.
    • Create a password
    • Click on Continue
Step 2 Enter Personal Area
After that, you will enter the web trading screen. Click on the left corner of the screen. “Personal space”
Step 3 Become a Real Trade
  • When entering the Exness Personal Area, click on “Become a Real Trader”.
Step 4 Verify your identity
    • Verify your identity by verifying your email address.
    • Verify phone number
    • Personal information
Verify your identity by verifying your email address.
Verify phone number
    • After receiving the 6-digit code, enter that code to verify your mobile number. and then click on continue.
    • This page will require you to verify your mobile phone number by entering your phone number.
Fill in personal information
Fill in additional information
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Date, Month, Year of birth
    • Address
    • Click Next

Update Exness profile

Click on Verify Profile. top right corner of the screen To verify your identity and be able to deposit and withdraw unlimited But if unconfirmed, you can deposit up to $2000 only.

working status

    • Full time work
    • Private business/Business owner/Freelance
    • Part-time 
    • Unemployed
    • Student
    • Retired

Do you have trading experience?

    • Yes I have less than 1 year Trading experience
    •  Yes I have more than 1 year trading experience
    •  Yes I have more than 2 years of trading experience
    • Yes I More than 4 years
      of trading experience 
    •  No, I have no trading experience.

Reasons for opening an account

    • Speculation
    • Investments
    • Hedges

Annual income

    • More than $200,000
    • $100,000 – $200,000
    • $50,000 – $100,000
    • $20,000 – $50,000
    • $0 – $20,000

All assets including cash and bank account.

    • More than $200,000 
    • $100,000 – $200,000
    • $50,000 – $100,000
    • $20,000 – $50,000
    • $0 – $20,000

Sources of income and assets You can choose from multiple answers

    • Savings
    • Work/business operations
    • Rents
    • Borrowings/loans
    • Pension/Pension
    • Inheritance
    • Click Next

Verify identity with ID card / Passport

Country / Region
Choose your ID type
    • Passport
    • ID card
    • Driving license
    • Residence permit
Please take a photo of your identity document. And make sure your documents meet the following requirements.
    • Clearly legible.
    • All 4 corners of the document must be in the picture.
    • Both front and back documents must be submitted (if applicable)

Click here  > Uploading Verification Documents to read the full requirements

Click Next.

The last step is to confirm the address.

Wait for verification. Verify identity after passing. To verify the address, upload documents such as electricity bills, water bills, mobile phone bills, etc. You can use your ID card to verify your address.”

How to open an Exness account Real trading account

How to open an Exness real account
เลือกเปิดบัญชีจริง Exness

Choose Exness account type

Traders can choose to open an Exness account as they wish. You can find a comparison table of each Exness account type in Exness Broker Review. Is it good to trade with Exness? What are the pros and cons?

For example, we will open a Standard MT4 live trading account.


In this example, we will open a Standard MT4 real trading account.

Set and create a password open a new account

    • Account Type Real Account
    • The trading platform can select MT4 or MT5.
    • Maximum leverage from 1:1 – 1:2000
    • Currency
    • Account name can be set to any name
    • Set a password for the account.
    • Click Open Account

Complete Exness real account opening


How to view account information, adjust leverage, change Exness account password

Traders can edit You can modify the different information of your Exness account by clicking on the gear icon in the right corner of the trading account you want to edit. The information will be displayed as follows.
    • Transfer money
    • Change leverage
    • Change account name
    • account
    • set view-only access.
    • Change trading password
    • Keep account

transfer money


Fund transfer is the transfer of money from one Exness account to another Exness

    • Transferring funds from one exness account to another has two characteristics.
      Transfer in your own account
    • Transfer fund from your account to someone else’s account
Internal funds transfer between own trading accounts
Transfer funds from your own trading account to someone else's trading account.

Change leverage


Traders can change their Exness account leverage settings at any time.

    • 1:2
    • 1:10
    • 1:20
    • 1:50
    • 1:88
    • 1:100
    • 1:200
    • 1:400
    • 1:600
    • 1:800
    • 1:888
    • 1:1000
    • 1:1888
    • 1:2000
    • 1:No limited

Change account name

Transfer funds from your own trading account to someone else’s trading account.

Account information


Show detailed information of Exness account, Real account.

    • Server
    • Exness trading account number Account
    • Account name 
    • Exness account type
    • Leverage 
    • Actual transaction volume
    • Profit or loss

Set view-only access​

Set a password for view-only access. so that others can view details of our trading history. (This code cannot be traded)

Change trading password​

for changing trading account password

keep an account

The last menu is for keeping accounts that are not in use for trading. But if you want to use this account again was able to restore the account To do so, click on the Store Account menu, select the desired account and click on “Account Settings”. reactivate

Summary of how to open an Exness real account​

Steps on how to open an Exness real account with the most detailed step-by-step illustrations, complete with all menus, latest update in 2022.
Easy to apply, convenient, fast, no hassle. just a few steps There are many Exness account types to choose from. Standard Accounting and Professional Accounting Start with only 10 USD, a wide range of leverage, up to 1: unlimited, MT4, MT5 and WebTerminal trading platforms.

How to open an Exness real account?

    • Apply for Personal Area (PA),
    • choose Exness account open
    • et leverage, password, choose MT4,MT5 platform.

How many Exness account types are there?

    • Exness Account Review Clients who want to open an exness portfolio have 2 major trading accounts: Standard account (Standard, Standard Cent, Standard Plus), Professional account (Raw Spread, Zero, Pro). 

Exness how much is the initial deposit?

    • Deposits start from only 10 USD.

Is Platform Exness good or not?

    • Exness use trading program MT4, MT5, WebTerminal

What is the maximum leverage for Exness account?

    • What is the maximum leverage for Exness account?

Where are the deposit and withdrawal methods of Thai banks?

    • Kasikorn Bank / Siam Commercial Bank / Krung Thai Bank / Bangkok Bank / Bank of Ayudhya / Thai Military Bank / Government Savings Bank / CIMB Thai Bank

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